Emma Tie


This long, plaited, faux suede wrist wrap and headband is super versatile with endless uses and available in 5 colours.




A versatile, long plaited headband and wrist wrap that can be worn in a multitude of ways, gaining it a feature in Company Magazine’s ‘Ibiza Beach Boho’ fashion feature.

Wear as a headband, wound around as a wrist wrap, wrapped around a ballerina bun, as an ankle tie or draped round the neck loosely knotted at the chest as a lariat necklace.
There is no clasp so it can be worn in any position, anywhere on the body, tied simply with a knot!

It is made from gold chain plaited with mock suede, finished with four gold charms including a leaf, key and ‘made with love’ pebble.

Available in turquoise, black, brown and beige (as featured in Company magazine).

Length: 80 cm approx

Excess chain length (for pendants): 2 cm approx

Materials: Mock suede and gold plate

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Black, Turquoise, Beige, Brown, Red

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