Abacus Adjustable Gold Ring

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An adjustable gold ring with vibrant jade green stone for a powerful pop of colour.

This slim gold ring band forms a horseshoe shape with delicately shaped ends that meet with a straight gold bar.

The thin gold bar holds a beautiful jade green stone, oval in shape and drilled down the middle, allowing the stone to rotate and move freely at the centre of the ring.

And it’s adjustable too! On most hands the best fit will be the ring finger but you can gently pull the sides of the ring open and closed to slightly adjust the fit.

Approximate ring size: K. Ring band is adjustable.
Stone size: 0.8 cm x 1 cm

Materials: Stone is glass. Ring is gold plated and nickel-safe adhering to EU regulations.

Note: Gold and silver plating can wear more quickly on rings than on other jewellery due to dampness and movement. Try to remove your ring when washing your hands to take extra care of it.

An adjustable gold ring with a jade green stone for a vivid pop of colour.

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