Jewellery Care



Gold or silver plate is where a bass metal (such as pewter, brass or steel) has a fine layer of gold or silver applied to it. This means that gradually, over time, the gold or silver can wear off. You will notice this happens quicker on rings where hands get damp and are also subject to more movement and rubbing.

Please see the below tips on caring for your gold and silver plated jewellery to keep it sparkling for as long as possible!


Raw brass has a matte finish and is untreated so it may have slight residue from the manufacturing process. Brass will naturally oxidise over time. Many people prefer their brass items to look aged but if you prefer it shiny and golden try some of the below tips on caring for your brass jewellery.


All materials used in my jewellery are “nickel safe”. That is to say, any items not already completely void of nickel will only have a miniscule, trace amount (less than 0.05%), complying with strict EU regulations.


You can prolong the life of your jewellery by following a few tips on caring for it:

♥ Avoid contact with perfume, lotions, hairspray or any chemicals – they will react with the plating and cause it to tarnish! Apply these products first then put on your jewellery.

♥ Keep it dry. No showering in your new necklace! Waterfights maybe not a good idea either…

♥ Don’t sleep in your jewellery. They’re delicate and lovingly handmade and might not enjoy a rough night’s sleep!

♥ To clean and add shine to brass use a soft cloth and a household brass cleaner following the instructions and using in a well ventilated area.

♥ A great way to keep your jewellery shiny for longer is in a resealable storage bag, sandwich bag or anything airtight.